Tokyo 2020 unveils new promotional graphics for celebration of 1,000 days to go

As part of the organization of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, visual communication is of particular importance.

This communication allows to identify the Host City and to memorize the color codes chosen for the world event.

For Tokyo 2020, the Organizing Committee has carefully elaborated this communication strategy, using designers and the public to design the emblems of the Games, and soon the mascots.

(Credits – Tokyo 2020)

Today, in anticipation of the festivities that will mark the countdown of the 1000 days before the opening of the Games, Tokyo 2020 has presented a graphic identity specifically thought for the period from 28 October to 29 November.

The two dates were not chosen at random ; they correspond to the 1,000 days before the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games and the Opening Ceremony of the Paralympic Games.

Based on the symbolism of the 45 squares of the Tokyo 2020 emblems, the promotional campaign declines these squares in shapes and colors reminiscent of fireworks.

No fewer than seven visuals will be used by Tokyo 2020 and its partners (banners, posters, etc…).

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The various entities concerned will be able to choose two visuals dedicated to the Olympic Games, two visuals dedicated to the Paralympic Games and three visuals common to both events.

For each of the visuals proposed, a name was created : Blue Flash, Glorious Red, Shiny Yellow for common visuals ; Dazzling Skyblue and Brilliant Pink for Olympic promotion ; Dazzling Green and Brilliant Orange for Paralympic promotion.

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